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Your Odyssey Doesn’t Have to End!

OM™ teaches you to solve all sorts of problems, but perhaps the hardest is saying goodbye! Fortunately, there are many ways to be part of OM and even give back to the program. No matter where your next step takes you, there is most likely an OM Association nearby that needs volunteers or a fellow OMer looking to connect. The best way to stay in touch is through the official Odyssey Alumni group. There are many professional and personal benefits to joining Odyssey Alumni— including sharing your journey and helping others along the path.


Hear from our Alumni

“The gift that OM gave to me is the passion for tinkering – the intellectual space to do that. Part of tinkering is trying something and failing, making adjustments, and the willingness to try again. When a problem is presented to you professionally, the most successful people are the ones that get it about 80 percent right on the first pass and are willing to keep trying. What OM does is provide you with that pattern of thinking and behavior. It provides you with the confidence to improve.”

~Eric Corndorf

OM Alum & Senior VP of R&D at Medtronic

“You don’t realize at the time how incredible it is, but OM was the first time I really felt bonded with people. The thing about OM is it’s so much about working through whatever problem you are given and taking in different input from different people, and really valuing it all. I fully believe that if you have more ideas at the table you’ll come up with a better solution.”

~Dr. Mary KillackeyOM Alum & Chair of Surgery and Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Tulane University Medical Center

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