Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

ALL COACHES are REQUIRED to attend one of the Coaches Training sessions to be eligible to coach a team. This includes all coaches, new or long-term coaches. Our Problem Captains will spend time with you and discuss problem details.


Coaches Code of Conduct

All coaches wishing to register a team at a Oklahoma Odyssey of the Mind regional or state tournament are required to sign this code of conduct form. This form requires coaches to agree to abide by the “Code of Conduct for Oklahoma Odyssey of the Mind (OKOotM) Coaches”. Please print this form, sign and bring with you to Coaches Training.  Code of Conduct for Oklahoma Odyssey of the Mind Coaches


What is Outside Assistance 

Outside Assistance (OA): when someone other than a team member suggests an idea or works on the teams solution in any way. Students learn along the journey of Odyssey of the Mind……. if someone else takes the trip for them, well, the students don’t learn anything. In Odyssey of the Mind, students compete with other students their age to keep things fair. If an adult or older student solves the problem, the competition is unfair. OA deprives student of the programs’ benefits!

Program Guide and Changes

The program guide provides “rules” that apply to ALL problems. every team and coach need to know. 2021-Program-Guide  for the pdf version or online version. The Program Guide has been significantly updated this year. Be sure to bookmark the online version for quick reference.

Each year there are small changes made to the Program Guide from the prior year. A list of the changes will be posted soon.

Required Team List Forms:

Each problem has a form called  “Required Team List” These are published closer to competition time.

The majority of the attachments below have been “borrowed” from other sites because they were GREAT IDEAS!! No need to re-invent the wheel – but also want to give credit where credit is due!!

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