Creativity. Innovation. Teamwork.

Odyssey of the Mind teaches young people the skills needed for life success.

For over 40 years, Odyssey of the Mind (OM) has empowered young people (K-12 + university) around the world to embrace their creativity, learn divergent-thinking skills, and contribute as part of a team to develop innovative solutions to open-ended problems.


The skills acquired in Odyssey of the Mind help young people succeed in life and make them attractive candidates for university admission and internship/career opportunities. For participants, OM is a hands-on, engaging, and social experience.  From robotics to acting, painting to engineering, coding to music, participants learn valuable new skills while having so much fun!

Best yet, OM is affordable: every young person has the opportunity to participate! Whether OM is run as a school activity, a community program, or a family/friend offering, OM is available to anyone and everyone who wants to join!