2021-2022 Problem Synopsis

Problem 1: Escape vroOM
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Odyssey teams take their problem-solving skills inside a box as they create a performance that
includes one or more team-created vehicles that will help a group of characters escape an unusual room. The
vehicle will travel to areas within the room and complete tasks. Each time it completes a task it will release a
“clue” that the group will use in the next area to release the next clue, and so on. When the vehicle performs the
final task, it will reveal a final clue that allows the group to escape the room and they discover the mystery
behind the room!

Problem 2: Odyssey ReOMvention
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Sponsored by ARM & HAMMER™
While no one knows what the future holds, it’s likely OMers will have an important role in it! To prove just that,
teams will present a performance that identifies an original threat to the environment that self-replicates until
a team-created technical reOMvention removes the threat. The team’s setting will reflect the threat and then
return to its original state. The performance will also include original music, two animal characters, and must
use ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda.

Problem 3: Classics…(Name Here): The Musical Production
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Historical figures get an encore as OMers re-tell their stories in musical form. In this problem, teams will create
a biographical musical about a selected historic figure. There will be three songs: an opening number, an
emotional number whose music conveys an emotion, and one determined by the team. The performance will
also include a lighting special effect, movement of scenery, and a membership sign that will appear as a
marquee for the team’s musical.

Problem 4: Matryoshka Structure
Divisions I, II, III & IV
It’s always the more the merrier with nesting dolls, also known as Matryoshka! In this problem, teams will design
and build a Matryoshka Structure made of only balsa wood and glue that holds as much weight as possible.
The 8+” structure will hold additional structures nested one inside the other. The more structures that are
nested, the higher the score! Before weight placement can begin, the nested structures will be removed one-byone to reveal a tiny character nested inside the smallest structure. The performance will have a theme about
storage that includes placing weights, the structures, and the tiny character.

Problem 5: Life is a Circus!
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Sometimes life seems like a circus! Teams will create a performance about a young person enjoying a regular
life in our world who wakes up one day to discover they somehow were transported into a circus world. In the
circus world there will be original animals performing unexpected tricks, a clown, circus acts, and a ringmaster
that announces the activities. The young person returns to the regular world thinking it was all a dream until
they see a mysterious figure that turns out to be from the circus.

Primary: Tri-Cycle Transport
Grades K-2
We all know where the wheels on the bus take us, how about the wheels on an OM-Mobile? In this problem
teams will design and build one or more vehicles used to transport something. Teams will build a vehicle that is
powered three ways: human power, gravity, and free choice (e.g. battery, wind). The vehicle will travel forward,
backward, and turn to a side. The performance will also include a funny narrator, a mechanic character, a
salesperson, and a song about transportation that has a lyric repeated three times.

All problems copyright Creative Competitions, Inc. – 2020

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