Oklahoma State Tournament

Oklahoma State Tournament

Odyssey of the Mind  State Tournament is Saturday, April 2, 2022  at OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY, STILLWATER, OK

We are so excited to see your team’s solution at the Oklahoma Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament!

Registration and All Long term will all be in the Endeavor Engineering Building (END on map). Your team will unload at the entrance to the Building. Please be in the room ready to compete 30 minutes prior to your long term competition time. Spontaneous will be in the Classroom Building (CLB on map, just north of the Student Union)check in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to compete.  Awards will be in the Seretean Center for Performing Arts (SCPA on map)  at 4 p.m. Parking it north of END, or behind Business Building and also south of SCPA.

Team                                Problem     Division     Long Term     Spontaneous 

Will Rogers Junior High      1                   II                10:45              1:00

Oklahoma State University  2                  IV               11:10              12:20

Will Rogers Junior High      5                   II                10:00               11:10

University School TU          5                   II                10:25               11:30

Zarrow International Sch    5                    I                10:50               12:20

John Rex Ele School            5                    I                11:15               12:40

Oklahoma State University  5                  IV               11:40               12:40


University School TU           3                   II               12:40               10:50

Owasso High School            3                   III                1:05               11:30

Oklahoma State University  3                   IV                1:30               10:30

Jenks High School                4                  III                 2:00              11:10

Oklahoma State University  4                   IV                2:25              10:50

Stillwater Creativity.          Primary                            12:05              10:30